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Kim Kasch

My Story

I grew up in a family with 9 kids and grandma living in the back bedroom. So, I guess it's not surprising that I have a few stories to tell, especially since we only had 1 t.v.   


I spent my days reading and, later, trying to create other worlds where I could escape all those brothers and sisters-and grandma-by writing. Maybe that's why I love books so much. Well, that and the fact that I was near the end of that long sibling-chain and never had the clout to pick the t.v. shows we watched. But I’d run home after school to catch the last fifteen minutes of Barnabus Collins in Dark Shadows...

I still love to run or maybe I should say, I love to wog (walk/jogging).

Here in Portlandia, we love Halloween themed runs - where people don costumes and take to the streets to run. It's a lot of fun...and I know those two words don't always go together: But here, in the Pacific Northwest where damp days are more abundant than fruit, that’s my idea of a good time.


Sorry to be so long-winded but did I say I love to write, and talk, and knit, and sew, and bake... I could go on but I'll stop by saying, I hope you’ll stop by my blog, send me a tweet, or check out my Facebook page. I'll be sharing news about books, writing, and reading over there.

Thanks for listening and, hopefully, reading ;D

My Books

Irma the Inventor

The Cats of Cullaby Creek

Demon's Ink

Morgaine LeFay and the Viking
My Books

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